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Radius Search & Half Map

Enable Radius search from theme options. The option allows users to search for a map location. After they select the location, the map changes and shows all listings within a specific radius from that location (if listings exist).

The radius values can be set from theme options: initial radius, min and max radius. On this demo, Radius Search is enabled and shows on Properties List Half Search and Advanced Search Results half map search. It can be disabled by admin.

Desde 180 € hasta 300 €/noche
Desde 180 € hasta 300 €/noche
Desde 60 hasta 250 €/noche
Desde 45 € hasta 250 €
Desde 60 € hasta 160 €/noche
Desde 60 € hasta 250 €/ noche
Desde 60 € hasta 250 €/noche
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